MDMA (2018)

MDMA (2018) 1

MDMA is a semi-biopic about the film’s writer/director. Having grown up in a troubled background, she sees a way to make up for her Financial Aid running out. While using her natural intellect, she heads to the chemistry lab to make high-grade drugs. Naturally, things get a little too Bret Easton Ellis and Angie has to find a way to stay in college while not getting killed. Very interesting stuff.

The Shout Studios releases have impressed me so far. I’m a big fan of lesser-seen indies getting the chance to shine. What sours me a bit is that they all seem to be following the same beats. The stories change, but the type of films, protagonists and subject matter tend to hang with the upwardly mobile urban elite stratosphere. But, that’s like complaining because YouTubers use the word trope too much.

You stick with what you know and you expose it to as many people as possible.

MDMA special features

  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director/Producer Angie Wang
  • Angie Wang – Working With Annie Q Featurette
  • Francesca Eastwood – Working With Angie Wang Featurette
  • Authentic 80’s – Hair, Makeup, And Wardrobe Featurette
  • Big Man On Campus – Choreographing A Kiss Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer


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