“Manhattan Undying” is a pretty typical Post Modern vampire film. Every since the 1990s, everyone wants to have a new take on the vampire that tries to tread into realism. Well, they’re vampires. I don’t care if they are creepy art chicks or Eddie Murphy stalking the streets of Brooklyn. Vampires have no place in the real, but they are fantastical story constructs to mine new opportunities. That’s where “Manhattan Undying” finds its footing.

Luke Grimes plays an artist diagnosed with lung cancer. While he plans out his final days, he meets a creepy art chick that fits the Nosferatu model. But, there is a story point with the Sarah Roemer character that leaves me confused. At some point, a vampire knew what they looked like. You’re not just born a vampire, you catch a Fang to the neck and get all creepy. It’s a middle nitpick, but I found it to be distracting.

In the quest to be different, several logic issues appeared. But, as I stated earlier…vampires should have nothing to do with realism. Mood and atmosphere carry this film very far. It’s just that the character work is imbalanced. Luke Grimes seems to be acting his ass off in one movie, while Roemer is teaching a master class in being aloof. I’d still recommend Manhattan Undying.


  • 1 hr and 30 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Momentum Pictures


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