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The Mandalorian is back! Preorder your Bo Katan helmet!

Preorder your Bo Katan helmet to celebrate the return of The Mandalorian! Season 3 has kicked off and Bo Katan is in it for maybe 4 minutes, but she’ll be in the show further. Right? RIGHT!?!

preorder your bo katan

Preorder your Bo Katan helmet from Denuo Novo today!

The helmet won’t ship until Q3 2023. However, you can spend that time practicing wielding the Darksaber and bringing order back to the charred dirt of Mandalore.

We’re big fans of Denuo Novo at AndersonVision and one day hope to line the AV Theater with a Batcave style collection of screen appropriate franchise merch.

Why? Because Mandalorian helmets are pretty damn cool. Hell, X-Wing pilot and Magneto helmets are cool too.

Preorder your Bo Katan helmet today!

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