[text_block_nav title=”The Plot”]”Maggie” is one of my favorite films of the year. I feel that I need to get that out of the way, as I’ve spent the last few weeks loving every minute of it. The world of “Maggie” treats zombies as an almost hospice style state. The infected are usually taken from their families and moved to communities of the sick. They are allowed to bond and share what they can, but things change when the end comes. When the infected start to turn, they are humanely put down like sick dogs at the pound.[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”What Troy Thought”]We’ve seen the zombie thing done to death in recent memory. Some people prefer the tired take on turning it to a Soap Opera. Others realize that the Romero model ran its course. While others just want to enjoy the dark comedy of the material. What “Maggie” gets right is its ability to make it relatable. The zombie infection is a disease like any other.

Watching Abigail Breslin come to peace with her decisions and try to connect to her father is amazing. Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered up his best performance in almost 25 years, as he plays a father placed in the worst of situations. He knows that his daughter is going to die, but he wants to help decide how it happens. All the while, the days grow shorter and the conversations turn to bouts of pain.[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”Conclusion”]The film works by dropping the modern horror trappings and focusing on what’s scary. Monsters don’t work unless we sense a threat or ourselves in them. Basic survival only goes so far, but having to survive a loved one is an emotional burden that doesn’t shake off that easy. When “Maggie” finally makes her choice about how to deal with her pending zombie nature, it’s a gut punch. I have a hard time seeing this movie not being in my Top 20 of 2015.[/text_block_nav]

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