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Ma takes her revenge on 2019. [Review]

Ma got slammed by a random cross-section of people. While you can say that for damn near anything anymore, I didn’t expect this film to experience an online backlash. Was the ending really that far out of left field? I feel that everything from 50 minutes in perfectly sets it up. Hell, it feels like the kind of movie that Shelley Winters would have made in the early 70s.

Octavia Spencer is hitting this point in her career where I’ll watch anything she does. Sure, she’s still the darling of the suburbanite set for her Oscar-winning turn in The Help. However, movies like this show an actress who understands genre and can reach down into places. These are the kinds of movies that make me glad Blumhouse exists. Now, let’s get a few more of these smaller outlets into the market.

If you dig this flick, we’re going to have a contest go live shortly. It would be live already, but we can’t find a contest format that works for the site. Seriously, we’ll take any suggestions that you might have to offer. But, what does this have to do with the film?

Well, it’s a quick little jaunt through the creepiness that exists inside of us all. Just add opportunity and a taste of revenge to perfectly season. Is the ending a little predictable? Maybe, but it still works. That’s why you probably should’ve saw it in theaters.

The Blu-ray comes with an alternate ending, deleted scenes, featurettes and a trailer. The A/V Quality is sharp for an indie suspense movie. However, I found that the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track had messy back channels. The 1080p transfer pops, but that’s to be expected for a recent release. I’d recommend a purchase to fans of Octavia Spencer.


Ma is now available on Blu-ray and Digital

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