“The Love Trials” hits upon that weird area that makes most critics go insane. It’s a short film with a concise plot about something trivial. But, isn’t that the case with most romantic comedies? The idea of finding humor in romance seems so poisonous to the intellectual elite. You have to dissect it, process it and find new ways of reinventing the wheel.

Whatever happened to finding joy in a lady going crazy trying to make her new-found love make sense. Her friends don’t know what to do, but they feel compelled to help. The end result is a messy mix-up of best intentions meeting the worst outcomes. Has it been done before? Sure. This short film succeeds in its ability to make you look past cliche and enjoying the wonderful world built by this crew.

I’d love to hear from Austin readers about how this movie played to a wide audience on Thursday. Hit me up, people.


  • 16 minutes
  • Not Rated

RELEASE DATE: 10/26/17 (Austin Film Festival)


  • 94%
    Film Score - 94%

The Plot Thus Far

The Love Trials takes us on exploration of trust, honesty, monogamy, and the fact that love really is a leap of faith. A charming and humorous tale of falling in love and all the uncertainties that comes with it.

Avery, a successful business woman, is persuaded by her friends to conduct a series of secret tests on her fiancé to make sure he’s really “the one”. After a string of attempts to test her fiancé’s love for her, Avery ends up learning what love really means.

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