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Locked In follows the fragile lives of Joshua (Barnes) and Emma (Roemer) as a freak car accident leaves their daughter in a coma. Josh’s world unravels when Emma blames him for the accident and discovers he had an affair with an office colleague (Dushku). Ostracized from his wife and family and helpless in the face of his daughter’s condition, Josh sinks into a deep depression. When Josh begins to receive mysterious signs from his comatose daughter providing clues to the true cause of the accident, is his daughter really communicating telepathically or is he going mad?


“Locked In” is an odd movie. Not odd in the sense that film school kids are going to dig it and give people shit for not enjoying the film. Odd as in it seems to have a setup and then the plot doesn’t go anywhere. Joshua is a loving father who accidentally causes his daughter to become locked into a coma. That is a thing apparently and the little girl needs help coming out of it.

Eliza Dushku plays the woman that Joshua had an affair with and he uses to blame himself. Joshua is in a deep depression, as his daughter worsens and everyone finds out that he’s a cheating sleaze. But, his daughter is starting to telepathically tell him what has happened. I would wonder if the man was going nuts, but an hour of this stuff was too much for me. I went through the motions and finished it, but I honestly couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the finale. This is one for the Redbox folk.

The DVD comes with a Digital Copy as the only special feature. The A/V Quality is on par with a typical standard definition release. The transfer shows no sign of digital noise. The Dolby 5.1 track is supportive for a supernatural thriller. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

RELEASE DATE: 10/14/2014

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