Les Parents Terribles

Les Parents Terribles is getting a brand new release for its 70th anniversary. Given that you’re all hopped up on Adderall and La Croix, I’ll inform you about this movie. Cocteau adapted his play into a film about a young girl working her way into a wonderful family. The problem is that she’s young and she’s also the guy’s father. Faster than you can scream Maury, Maury…le poops hits the poorly manufactured fan.

Given the age of the film, the best special features that Cohen could find are with the surviving production members who are into their 90s. Given that their French and old, they have no way to put this bizarre romance into context. So, get ready for a film that most of you all can’t process or have the maturity to understand. But, I will applaud you for giving an older French film a chance.

But, did I like it? Not really. I like Cocteau when he delves into the fantastic and less of the human. It’s a fair complaint, but I don’t want it to discount the material at hand. Should someone else have adapted the play? Maybe. I like it went content creators put a little distance into the mix.


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