“Kedi” follows a cat through the streets of Istanbul. Apparently, Turkey has a huge stray cat problem as the furry felines seem to be everywhere. The documentarians find interesting ways to stay low and close to the cat populations. In between watching cats play and fight, we get interviews with the locals that feed the stray population. They seem to know that they’re making the cats dependent on them, but they also fear for their safety. Meanwhile, the audience wants to break away to watch more International Cat video action.

The simplicity of this documentary helps to clear the palate before the Summer Movie Season officially begins with Guardians Vol. 2 next Friday. “Kedi” doesn’t have spectacle or a message on its side. All it wants to do is show the world a different species that exists alongside us. So much of the documentary is dedicated to communication issues in a way that almost makes it a spiritual sequel to “Arrival”. A fellow writer thought I was crazy for saying that, but then they saw the film. The parallels between communal outreach are staggering. Check it out at the Arthouse theater near you.


  • Unrated
  • 1 hr and 20 mins
  • Oscilloscope


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