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Journey to the South Pacific (4K Ultra HD)

Journey to the South Pacific (4K Ultra HD)

Journey to the South Pacific (4K Ultra HD) 7

Journey to the South Pacific follows Jawi as he takes us through the South Pacific. Whether it’s whale sharks or sea turtles, he swims and moves through them with complete ease. So many species are spotlighted, as this kid just weaves in and out of what’s in the ocean. It’s pretty amazing, plus it has amazing narration.

Cate Blanchett should narrate every documentary. There’s a sedate nature to her voice that lures you into pure comfort while your eyes are filled with the deep blues of the 4K transfer. I couldn’t imagine seeing this at IMAX, as the Atmos track isn’t overbearing enough to keep you awake. Is it a visual feast? Sure. But, there is nothing here demanding your attention with both fists. I’m loving these Mill Creek 4K titles.

I’ve viewed several of these titles released by different outlets. While they are mostly the same, it seems like the Mill Creek discs are committing more disc space to the transfer. I’d love for a tech-minded person to give me a readout on it. Anyways, it’s great.

Journey to the South Pacific 4K is now available!

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