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Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip (2020) [Must-Watch Energy Suppression Documentary]

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip is the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2021. Documentaries are always a personal favorite, but alternative energy sources are a personal source of nerd entertainment. While some have tried to make the issue political, I think it goes beyond that. The futurist in me sees this as a much needed technological jump to improve our lives and boost our economy. Then, there’s the pessimist in me that takes stalk of all the people that got to squashed to keep alternative energy safe.

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Having been forced to watch HGTV for endless hours, I’m quite familiar with Jonathan Scott. Scott and his twin go around America doing basic property flipping. I appreciate anyone that spreads the good word of gentrification into basic bitch arenas. Unlike House Hunters, the people getting these new homes actually seem human and less like undercover Reptilians.

So, when Jonathan Scott started taking up the case of alternative energy…I was down. After all, women love him and old people watch him for hours. He’s the face that can get the mainstream onboard with doing something we should’ve started 30 years ago. Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip debuted last November on PBS to no real fanfare. I chalk a lot of that up to arriving a week after the Election. Nobody was paying attention to anything that mattered in the long term.

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Solar energy is the future. Alternative energy sources have to be established and given to the masses as a way to break free of Pre WWI business concerns that have caused warfare and suffering for the last 100 years. Any organization, country or person that pushes up against alternative energy is only serving to perpetuate that cycle of pain. So, how do we overcome this nonsense?

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip offers up some basic ideas. Walking through a rudimentary approach to the matter of solar suppression and then the cost burdens was refreshing. But, most of the documentary was dedicated to the both sides approach of interviews that alienate the extremists on both sides of the matter. While appealing to the undecided, it will serve to irritate the people that have already made up their mind on the matter.

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Watching Jonathan Scott undertake this crusade is inspiring. It’s way too easy to be a celebrity that takes up a cause du jour and then abandons it. As a home builder, Jonathan Scott has spent years studying the needs of creating living conditions for many people. Each community has different needs, but they all need power to live comfortably in the modern era.

Finding answers in a documentary that runs under 90 minutes is asking a lot. But, I hope that Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip gets a lot of casuals starting to study the need for alternative energy. But, there is a giant elephant in the room that we have yet to address.

Solar Suppression Over The Last Four Years is Quite A Power Trip

Solar suppression is at the heart of Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip. Starting at the tale end of 2015, Solar Suppression came onto the docket in many Red States looking to protect its energy industry. That problem only became worse during the Trump Years as Renewable Energy was under attack at every government level. Public Utility Commissions were becoming emboldened to fight power sell backs.

After all, what is a private consumer going to do with the excess energy they provide to a power grid? In a capitalist society, they have the right to sell it back to their community. But, the American government is known for not liking to have competition in a fair and free market. That is the true nature of capitalism in the real world. Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip dances around it, but that’s because they don’t want to be aggressive.

As American grew neo-con for a bit and business was allowed to have its way with any regulations it wanted, the average consumer’s capitalist ambitions suffered. If you wanted to make energy at a controlled cost and zero environmental impact, the market was now being closed to you. It was a basic denial of your rights as an American citizen and the government told you to suck it up.

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The need for a true energy democracy has never been more apparent. Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip addresses that by showing the communities and individuals working together to try and create better environments for the masses. While home building with these solar panels needs a degree of regulation, cancelling power sell-backs after the fact is pure greed. It’s all fun and games for government until private individuals provide services at a better rate.

In the olden days, hedge funds and other commodity barons were allowed to squat on the energy sources that kept America running. Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip shows that anyone can break apart the systems that are propped up by government interference and Wall Street. Certain commodities are human rights and any interference is an attempt to ruin the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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There was a time in America when the individual citizen was encouraged to find ways to make life better for others. FDR’s New Deal remains the crowing example of asking Americans to take government support and then lead in the community. Creating infrastructure, jobs and means to support others was a necessity that made for a better life.

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Ordinary Americans should always have the right to fight back against these corporate bastards. In an era where even water is being turned into a commodity, I’m glad that we have films like Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip calling this crap out. The sad thing is we don’t have more recent documentaries like Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip or even an ongoing series.

MPI brings Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip to Blu-ray with no special features. But, I guess it would be asking too much for a Jonathan Scott commentary in the middle of a Pandemic.

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Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip is available on Blu-ray on January 12th

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Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip (2020) [Must-Watch Energy Suppression Documentary]

Solar is a bountiful, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective source of energy, but fossil fuel monopolies, with the help of their government allies and groups funded by the Koch brothers, are st

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