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Jeffrey: Brian Hackett Pride [Review]

Jeffrey was one of the first films I saw after I become an arthouse cinema rat. In a rather short streak, I went from revival cinema to specific audience genres to Branagh’s Hamlet. In the mix of there, I saw Jeffrey for the first time. Being a teenager going from popcorn cinema on VHS to seeing film definitely out of my wheelhouse was a culture shock. Honestly, I’m just glad I got to experience the film before the Internet took over everything.

What does that mean for the film? Well, Jeffrey is an LGBTQIA film about a New York City actor trying to find love. He’s also gay and looking for new guys during the height of the AIDS Crisis. Shout Factory owned Pride Month with their releases. How many other outlets did you see releasing underseen films to stunning HD packages? Plus, they landed a new commentary track and interviews. Plus, did I mention the A/V Quality? Way better than what I expected.

Jeffrey is available June 11th, 2019

jeffrey 1 jeffrey 2 jeffrey br 3

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