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It’s a Wonderful Knife Brings Holiday Horror to Theaters November 10th

A twisted new holiday horror-comedy is slashing its way to theaters this November 10th – It’s a Wonderful Knife. From director Tyler MacIntyre, this gory film mashes up It’s a Wonderful Life with meta slasher flair.

Jane Widdop stars as Winnie Carruthers, a hero who saved her town from a killer on Christmas Eve. But a year later, feeling disillusioned, she wishes she was never born. This transports her to a nightmarish alternate reality where the murderer is back for more.

It's a Wonderful Knife Brings Holiday Horror to Theaters November 10th 1
IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE – courtesy of RLJE Films and Shudder

Now Winnie must team up with the town outcast to stop this seasonal slasher and return to her reality. It’s a Wonderful Knife promises bloody holiday hijinks with a sadistic twist.

Widdop leads as Winnie alongside Jess McLeod as her misfit ally. The cast also includes Joel McHale as the town sheriff, Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) as a creepy Santa groupie, and William B. Davis reprising his X-Files role as the enigmatic Cigarette Smoking Man. Justin Long has a cameo as one of the victims.

Director Tyler MacIntyre (Tragedy Girls) helms the film based on a script by Michael Kennedy. It’s produced by Seth Caplan, Kennedy, and Daniel Bekerman.

With its playful premise and homages to holiday horror classics, It’s a Wonderful Knife aims to provide twisted seasonal entertainment. The creative team combines slasher thriller elements with dark comedy for a gleefully gory package.

Horror lovers can mark their calendars for It’s a Wonderful Knife’s theatrical release on November 10th.

This holiday season, skip the peppermint hot cocoa and get ready for bloody stabbings and sadistic scares instead! It’s a Wonderful Knife flips a cheerful classic on its head for some serial killer craziness. Don’t miss this gory Christmas wish-fulfillment run wild when it hits big screens.

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