Infinity Train: Book One DVD/Digital Copy Review

Infinity Train Book One DVD box Cartoon Network

Infinity Train is one of those shows that annoys me because I didn’t discover it first. Let’s just be honest here. After Adventure Time ended and Ward turned his attention to Netflix, my interest in Cartoon Network waned. Now, we have an animated anthology series that plays like Samuel Beckett trying to make Snowpiercer. That’s a lot to pack into a show running after Regular Show episodes.

Cartoon Network succeeds when they play weird. Nobody wants to see your soft-ass takes on the Thundercats or Teen Titans. They want to see original properties that entertain all generations. Naturally, an anthology about robots, mirror people and the King of the Corgis will skew to certain demographics. But, if you’re going to go big…swing for the fences. That attitude is how you get Ernie Hudson to play a Dog King.

Infinity Train Book One DVD box Cartoon Network

Infinity Train Book 2 has just started on Cartoon Network and you need to see Book 1 before engaging. The central figure of Book 2 exists because of actions taken in this installment. Lena Headey plays the closest thing to an antagonist. But, she’s not a bad person. Her character tries to take control of the train because she can’t deal with the death of her husband.

Our hero Tulip and King Atticus have to work together to help Lena Headey deal with her grief. There are no real enemies on this show, but more people with different interests trying to figure out the purpose of the Infinity Train. What’s super fascinating is how the concept of reflections are policed. The world building is insane and it leaves me wanting to see more from Infinity Train.

The DVD comes with animatics, commentary, documentaries and featurettes as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for the copy I viewed. However, it’s still not super crisp. The Dolby 5.1 track is true to the original broadcast. This information is just for the nerd kids that care.

Before I forget! Warner Brothers sent me a downloadable coloring picture for the kids stuck in the house. Even if you’re living single, you can still print it off and color away. Warner Brothers loves engagement and I love coloring. Let’s make both parties happy.

Infinity Train Book One Coloring Sheet from Warner Brothers Productions

Infinity Train: Book One arrives April 21st from Warner Brothers.

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