Iceman (2017) [Review]

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Iceman gets a proper DVD release. The sole special feature is a making-of featurette. I really wish that we could’ve landed a commentary. I feel that when a filmmaker goes so far into left field, they almost owe audiences an explanation of the process. That might rub some wrong, but only one guy gets a pass. That’s David Lynch. When you make Wild at Heart and Twin Peaks in a 15 month period, you get a pass too.


Modern cinema doesn’t explore the Stone Age enough. However, it feels the need to frame everything as a growth or revenge tale. That dramatic structure gets in the way of a brutal film told only in Rhaetic language. If you guys dug Apocalypto, then this will be for you. The casual audience will be bored between attacks, as they want to find something that helps them get past a film in a language that no one has spoken in centuries.

Iceman arrives on May 21st


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