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Heroes Blu-ray review: The Fonz Makes PTSD fun again

Heroes is one of several post Vietnam War movies that clumsily tried to tackle issues about veterans. It’s also the first movie that got that post Star Wars shine for Harrison Ford. While that’s great and good, it doesn’t keep the film from stumbling over its feet. Why? Well because it’s about a Vietnam Vet taking a road trip to become a California worm farmer. Things like this is why we created D.A.R.E. in the 80s, people.

heroes 4

Henry Winkler is capable lead as a nuthouse escapee who just wants to become a worm farmer. Now, if I was Winkler in 76 or 77 desperate to break out of the Fonz, I would have jumped on this. It has that indie spirit in an era where the blockbuster was still in its infancy. An adult movie about adult matters that ultimately plays like an afterschool special for 20 year olds.

Like most things in the late 70s, Sally Field steals focus. This was Field at her perky yet affirmative peak before she got all matronly with Places in the Heart. She was a dynamo that gave you the Jane Fonda acting chops without the extracurricular activities. Still, that wasn’t enough to save Heroes.

heroes 5

Mill Creek has been killing it recently with these vintage pick-ups. Too often, Universal dumps these movies to overpriced MOD discs. Nobody picks them up and they don’t check these out. I don’t blame them when movies like this are selling for near 30 dollars. These are the kind of releases meant to be seen around the 10 dollar marker.

Ultimately, your value from Heroes will be determined by what you get out of the odyssey of a PTSD riddled worm farmer. Are you a Star Wars fan that just wants to see young Harrison Ford as Winkler’s buddy? Maybe you’re a fan of seeing Winkler outrank Field and Ford in the credits. It’s a crazy release, but you don’t get any special features. Do with that what you will.


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