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Mill Creek Entertainment Movies to Binge during Home Quarantine

Mill Creek Entertainment has been very good to AndersonVision. As such, we want to be good to them and let you guys know what is available to check out during the weirdest Spring in recent memory. So, if you guys were looking for specialty Blu-rays…look no further.

The Nines

The Nines was a film that intrigued me back when it arrived in the mid 00s. John August wrote and directed an interesting look at three short films overlapping to make a giant master stroke. Ryan Reynolds carried a lot of the film, but the supporting cast featured everyone from Octavia Spenser to Melissa McCarthy. Still, it might be a wee bit too cerebral for the more active members of your family. The Mill Creek Blu-ray comes with no special features.

The Contractor/The Fan

The Contractor is a mid 00s Destination Films release from the lackluster Snipes era. While the cast is strong with many future Game of Thrones cast members, the movie is bland. Hell, it feels like the kind of movie that Steven Seagal passed on. I’d recommend a drinking game to get through the movie, but you’d die by the hour marker.

The Fan is a Tony Scott underrated gem. Snipes plays Giants centerfielder Bobby Rayburn who is getting harassed by Robert De Niro. When Bobby can perform to his peak, De Niro decides to motivate him by murdering distractions. Having got a quick seasonal dump in 1996, I feel like it’s a film that not enough people remember. Give it a shot.

Hard Hunted

Hard Hunted is the first of the latest Andy Sidaris films being released by Mill Creek. Three centerfolds team up to help stop a nuclear attack. This times it’s the Chinese selling materials to the Mideast. Now, a secret agent has to fight through the intrigue to the truth. It’s also a Sidaris film, so you’re going to get high quality early 90s boobs.

Mill Creek is making me so happy with these releases. Make sure to check out the special features, as the Sidaris intro and vintage commentary help a lot of things to make sense. You also get trailers and a featurette.

fit to kill title mill creek

Fit to Kill

Fit to Kill was shot on location in Hawaii with some centerfolds…again. Sidaris loved reusing the same cast a lot and plots. But, it doesn’t matter. At times, I wonder if Sidaris was like the Burt Reynolds character in Boogie Nights. He wanted to tell sexual stories but with plot. I can understand that level of artistry, but it’s not going to work for everyone.

The Blu-ray comes with an introduction, commentary, featurette and trailers as the special features. Mill Creek does it again.

fit to kill 2 mill creek

Ultraman Orb: Let Me Borrow The Power of Bonds

Ultraman Orb: Let Me Borrow The Power of Bonds confused me. Were these outings meant to be TV movies or stitched together episodes? I guess it comes from my familiarity with American TV, but I expect certain setups. Also, what is the nature of the Ultra warriors? I’m a bigger fan of the classic Ultraman series, so the modern stuff just loses me. Oh well, check out the Mill Creek release.


Ultraman Geed: Connect the Wishes is the latest Ultraman Geed movie about the search for Red Steel. The Giant Mechanical Brain is determined to wipe out humanity and I’ve gone blank. There comes a point with Giant Mech and Kaiju movies where spectacle just takes over. For a film that barely runs over an hour, I appreciate the attention to brevity.

All of these Mill Creek Entertainment March releases are now available!

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