Hell Fest” impressed me with its CBS Films logo designed to look like the 80s VHS/laserdisc CBS FOX style logo. While that was my favorite part of the film experience, I commented on it on Twitter a few days ago. The Hell Fest Twitter account liked it. I thought that was funny, as it came across meaner than it was meant to be. After all, I did enjoy the film. I enjoyed the film in spite of it being a Funhouse and Halloween clone.

A dark figure known as The Other stalks the Hell Fest. He moves in between the costumed creeps and various props to pick off the worst young adults visiting the attraction. Amy Forsyth plays the young brunette that gets to become the latest target. Naturally, she brings her friends and frenemy to the Hell Fest to offer up more targets to pad out the film. You even get Tony Todd showing up in a bit role. Why Tony Todd? Well, credibility costs but not too much for a September release.

I do admire the guts it takes to try and kickstart a film series with the final scenes. Too often, we see modern horror being too scared to roll the dice. So, why did the film work for me? I wasn’t terribly blown away by the acting and the story was cliche. However, it had something that is missing in its horror competition. The tone felt Old School and it kept the suspense high.

There was a time when that would be a given, but the current horror directing crop isn’t even hitting that bar. Thankfully, director Gregory Plotkin meets that bar and produces a first Hell Fest entry in what might kick off a series. Hell, I’m interested enough for a sequel.

Hell Fest


  • 1 hr and 29 mins
  • R
  • CBS Films


  • 86%
    Content Score - 86%

The Plot Thus Far

A masked serial killer turns a horror themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show.

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