With the fates of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and George O’Malley (T.R. Knight) hanging in the balance as the series’ fifth year came to a close, the new season brings more drama into the lives of the young doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. Returning for another round of hope and heartbreak are Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh as the ambitious Cristina Yang and, of course, Patrick Dempsey as Dr. “McDreamy.”


While following the characters at home and in the Seattle hospital it gives an indepth look into their personalities. After awhile, you get to know them quite well, and this is the hook that draws me and the tons of fans that watch this series. I find it hard to believe that instead of watching something lighter or humorous, I am seriously watching episodes filled with rectal exams, grand mal seizures, diseased livers, and the assortment of ills that fill each episode.

George is braindead. Izzie’s alive and conscious but has no idea what happened to George. As far as she knows, he’s still set on leaving for the Army and that added to her cancer drama has given her good reason to want her friend at her side. Alex doesn’t want to tell her that George is mostly-dead, lest she have another seizure or whatever it was that nearly killed her. Meanwhile, George’s mother shows up and she puts Callie in charge of deciding what to do with her son’s organs before they pull the plug.

This entire season pushed through the motion of getting rid of Izzie, then starting onto the next drama. That being the five episode build to who’s getting shot at Seattle Grace. I have to admit that I always the show on Hulu or some other device, as I will always watch The Office and 30 Rock live. But, there’s something almost satirical about this show’s rush for the next big event. While it might be ratings gold, it kills any sort of attachment for casual viewers.

We knew that at some point they would have to eliminate some characters since the storyline of the hospital merger was basically a bust.  Although, I have to admit, didn’t expect them to be shot and killed as a method of their departure from the show.  As of last night we know for certain that Dr. Reed and Dr. Percy were shot and killed.  Oh…I forgot to mention the shooter…we all remember Mr. Clark from this season, the one who’s wife was removed from life support by Lexipedia by order of Derek.

The DVD comes with deleted scenes, outtakes and an extended look at the shocking finale. You even get some featurettes and webisodes. There’s so much material on here, that one might wonder where’s the Blu-Ray release? I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but it’s true. We need some HD love for a show that shines so brightly on ABC HD. The A/V Quality is amazingly strong for standard definition, but it lacks that 1080p punch. I’d recommend checking it out on Netflix Instant View before making the purchase.


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