Greener Grass review: Best of 2019 #15


Greener Grass is not for everyone. Oddball comedy that skews closer to the insane rather than quips seems to have fallen out of favor. I blame America’s inability to understand nuance for that. But, let’s get off the soapbox and talk about the 15th best movie of 2019.

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Greener Grass was 1 of the IFC films I power watched towards the end of the year. While it could’ve easily been forgotten in a slew of last minute FYC material, I appreciate that IFC took a chance on this one.

Directors/Co-Writers Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe are UCB vets and that style shows throughout the film. However, the team never shies away from things that approach David Lynch level. Watching Jocelyn DeBoer remove her braces towards the end of the film was one of the most stomach churning things I saw in 2019. But, I appreciated it.

Greener Grass poster

SNL cast member Beck Bennett and comedic mainstay Neil Casey do well in supporting turns. But, this is DeBoer and Luebbe’s show. Bouncing back and forth between absurd setups, a serial killer/menace plot and general suburban malaise is quite a treat. Still, my brain keeps returning to the general feeling of unease that permeates every inch of Greener Grass.

IFC has been killing it with their 2019 slate and I only hope that 2020 can hang in there. Check it out on HULU today!

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