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Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud with British Comedy ‘JACK’ – A Film About a Man and His Penis

Get ready to meet JACK, Charlie’s penis and the brains of his operation in this upcoming British comedy. The movie is set to be released on March 24th via Amazon, and Groucho Arts and Mighty Jack are thrilled to have us share the new poster and trailer with you.

JACK tells the story of Charlie, who has been friends with JACK since birth. When he meets Barbie Le Fleur, a Canadian transfer student, JACK takes it upon himself to guide Charlie in his quest to win her over. Along with an odd group of characters, including an incredibly handsome school therapist, a sex advisor prostitute, and a group of hormonal friends, Charlie uses his “brain” to get the girl of his dreams.

The film stars Luke Rollason (Disney Plus’s Extraordinary), Angela Sant’Albano, Phil Tomlin, Luis Mottola & Douglas Clarke-Wood. You even have the Writer/Director Pelayo De Lario voicing JACK.

Jack British movie poster

Director Pelayo De Lario describes JACK as a hilarious absurdist comedy that is told from the point of view of Charlie’s penis. The movie explores his struggle with love and sex life and is sure to have you laughing from start to finish.

Elena Conte, Producer and CEO of Grouch Arts, is equally enthusiastic about the release of JACK. She praises the film’s ability to capture the essence of teenage life and the comedy in the absurdity of day-to-day situations. The result is a true joy-ride that will leave you feeling better than when you started watching.

Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud with British Comedy 'JACK' - A Film About a Man and His Penis 2

So, mark your calendars for March 24th and be prepared to enjoy a non-stop laugh fest with JACK.

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