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The Favourite Game Night Forive Me Private War

Best of 2018 #13: The Favourite, Game Night, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, A Private War

13) Troy’s Pick – The Favourite

The Favourite will have a much fuller review in a few weeks. For now, Troy wants to confess to something. He loves British period movies with overwhelming sexuality and rude people. I think it’s because I watched The Wicked Lady as much as I watched The Goonies. While I’m not a fan of what Emma Stone did in the film, I think Weisz went too far in the opposite direction. Plus, as much as I love Olivia Colman in the lead role, it’s not terribly accurate.

Queen Mary was a lot grosser and more lame at that period. Imagine a slightly younger Anne Ramsay who was constantly bleeding down south, too bloated for her age and generally given to sloth-like movement. While quite good, it feels way too measure when compared to the filmmaker’s prior entries. Still, it’s enjoyable and works on repeat viewings.

13) Daniel’s Pick – Game Night

Confession time: I’m the not the biggest fan of straight comedies. I enjoy them, but if they don’t have much of a narrative hook, I quickly lose interest after a few watches. I prefer my comedies to come in the form of genre riffs. We’re talking the kind of film where, if you removed the jokes, you’d still be left with a darker, less funny version of the same movie.

Game Night is just that kind of film. I loved every single last moment of this dark comedy, from the cast to the direction to those constant exquisite model shots that are peppered throughout. I am flat-out astounded that such work came out of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. With few exceptions, I am not a fan of their previous work. I can only hope that Game Night becomes the standard, not the exception, from them going forward.

13) Mike Flynn’s Pick – Can You Ever Forgive Me?

A heartbreaking dramedy with a career-best performance by Melissa McCarthy and a stunning resurgence for Richard E. Grant

13) Jamie’s Pick – A Private War

Jamie can appreciate those that fight A Private War. There is a Private War going on inside of Jamie. We fear the winner.

The Favourite Game Night Forive Me Private War

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