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Fantasy Romance Film “Adam & The Water” Set for April 4th Release

Starting on April 4, 2023, ADAM & THE WATER will be available to rent or own on DVD and digital HD platforms through Freestyle Digital Media.

ADAM & THE WATER is an intimate exploration of mental health, dependence on technology, relationships, and the conflicting worlds of fantasy and reality. The movie tells the story of Adam, a man who is trapped in the mundane existence of 9 to 5 life in New York City, plagued by his own inhibitions and fears.

As he nears the brink of personal and mental collapse, he meets Eva, and his life takes a new, ethereal turn towards self-realization. But will he be able to rise to a free and accepting life, or will he succumb to the crippling reality he has created for himself?

Written and directed by Matthew Appleby, ADAM & THE WATER was produced by Appleby, Matt Consalvo, and Ben Dally, and stars Qado as Adam and Elisa Alemparte as Eva. The film has won several awards, including the “Best of Fest” Award at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival, “Best Romantic Drama Feature” at the Manhattan Film Festival, and “Best Micro-Budget Feature” at the Paris Independent Film Festival.

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According to Matthew Appleby, the filmmaker behind ADAM & THE WATER, the movie explores the intense effects of our fast-paced, competitive, and information-heavy way of life on our mental health. The film delves into the pressures of finding success, the difficulties of feeling satisfied with our everyday lives, and how society’s expectations can break us.

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire ADAM & THE WATER directly with the producers.

For more information on the movie, check out the ADAM & THE WATER website at

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