“The Equalizer 2” isn’t as good as the first movie. However, this is the closest we’re going to get to Denzel Washington starring in a Metal Gear Solid movie. I never would’ve thought that Washington was the stealth murder hero that I needed to see. Let’s get down to it. The film is about Washington’s former CIA trainees returning to pick him off. Now, Washington has to protect the last shred of his old life and the innocents caught in the middle.

Who was the ad wizard that chose to put the main villain’s death in the trailer? Is it a spoiler if SONY couldn’t figure out a better scene to get an audience pumped? Fuqua isn’t doing anything differently than in the first film. So, what changed here? Honestly, I feel that Washington pushed for an older man’s action movie.

Also, who decided to cast Orson Bean? I love Orson Bean and I haven’t seen him in a mainstream film in ages. Leading that back to the action movie for an older man, it kinda rings true. From Melissa Leo’s subplot to Bill Pullman showing up, this movie actually feels closer to the old show. It’s a collection of old friends and professionals working in a world where the young are impacted by everything they do.

Hell, anyone under 50 either gets shot or killed because they crossed paths with Washington’s quest for vengeance. Will there be a Part 3? Hell, I’m not sure where they could go. What point is left to be made other than old people can still kick ass? We get it! Don’t disappear that Taken path into Dad Bod revenge porn. You’re better than that, Denzel. You were in “St. Elsewhere”.


  • 2 hr and 1 min
  • R
  • SONY


  • 85%
    Content Score - 85%

The Plot Thus Far

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