Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews]

Troy watches some movies at the AV Theater over the Easter Weekend.
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Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode. I’ll be cool in 3 days, but let’s go from there.

23rd Century Giants: The Story of Renaldo & The Leaf is now available from MVD

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews] 18

23rd Century Giants is a documentary that looks at Renaldo & The Leaf. What follows is a Blu-ray full of an hour of special features about this long look at a beloved nerd rock band. Honestly, I’ve heard of Ralph Records, but didn’t know as much about them as I did The Sparks Brothers. Still, it was a fun watch to see Renaldo & The Leaf reunite and find their music again.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands is now available from Warner Brothers and streaming on HBO MAX

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews] 20

Adventure Time: Distant Lands is a show I can’t stop thinking about for months. While it’s neat to see a fan favorite show get a revisit, it’s revolutionary to see how Pen Ward and the others came back to the material. Distant Lands makes Adventure Time feel like a lived-in world in a way that few animated shows can enjoy.

As I continue to watch more movies until I explode, I keep finding myself revisiting Distant Lands. Especially that third episode. Watching as Old Finn tries to make sense of life and death, while longing to be back with Jake…it’s pretty stellar. Truly amazing work that deserves a viewing from everyone.

2LDK is now available from Unearthed Films

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews] 22

2LDK is probably my favorite Unearthed Films release I watched recently. Two sisters share a Tokyo apartment, where they compete for the same stuff. Eventually, they tired of each other’s crap and turn on each other.

This is a film for people who thought Audition was too chatty and turn squeamish at Hardcore Gore. I dig the hell out of this recent Unearthed Films and the Blu-ray comes stacked. Especially when you consider the film is only 70 minutes long.

You get a commentary, featurettes, interviews, video message for audience, screening interviews, photo gallery and trailers. As I continue the movies until I explode, nothing has been as funny as 2LDK.

Arrow slays it all again with a new 4K for An American Werewolf in London

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews] 24

An American Werewolf in London is the latest killer 4K release from Arrow Video. So, why did I watch this 4K version over the handful of other 4K discs I have on hand? Well, I can watch An American Werewolf in London anytime. So, it’s naturally one of my watching movies until I explode choices.

You get a ton of the special features ported over from the legendary An American Werewolf in London Blu-ray release. But, the HDR10 compatible 2160p transfer is what makes this 4K UHD transfer shine. Want me to go a little more in-depth? Stay tuned as I watch more movies until I explode.

Finally, Easter Viewings finished with me watching Ghostriders, Dancing Pirate and A Walk in the Sun

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews] 26

What does a western horror film, public domain musical and a forgotten war film have in common? They were the last movies until I explode. Commitment to a bit is still commitment.

Dancing Pirate is a 1936 musical that is getting a proper special edition from The Film Detective. I’m really loving what they’re putting together for deep rich classic movies. Especially, because you’re getting a high quality commentary, interviews and more! I’m a big fan of seeing the RKO movies make it to Blu-ray.

A Walk in the Sun gets a proper 4K restoration and I still don’t think enough people will get to see it. The UCLA Film Archive does bang-up work and the supplemental material comes across in full force from 20th Century Fox. What’s really neat is that the battle footage from San Pietro is included in uncut form.

Ghostriders came out in 1987 I believe and immediately appeared on the bottom rack at Kroger Video. Sorry, kids…not all of us got to go to Blockbuster all the time. What I can’t get over is the sheer volume of special features for a movie I was sure time forgot. Hell, Criterion releases sometimes get less supplemental materials.

You get a commentary, new documentary, a 1980s period documentary, trailers and a photo gallery. Make sure to check out the commentary, as it’s super informative. Now, I need to watch more movies until I explode.

This was my Easter watching movies until I explode

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