Dust 2 Glory

Dust 2 Glory 1

Dust 2 Glory brings off-roading back to the cinema. The original Dust to Glory focused on the Baja 1000 too. So, what is the big deal about a desert race that none of you guys will attend? Hell, Hunter S. Thompson got so bored covering a desert race that he ended up writing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I respect the holy hell out of the documentary royalty Brown family. It’s just that they’ve done better than what amounts to a dealer’s reel for top-notch vehicles.

That being said, I could see my dad and possible your fathers enjoying the hell out of this. I’m talking to the average readers and not the ones with father figures who read newspapers and use napkins. Getting all culture war up in here!

Dust 2 Glory Special Features

  • Bruce Brown’s last interview
  • Dana Brown interview

Dust 2 Glory

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