Directors: Bobby and Peter Farrelly
Writers: Sean Anders, Mike Cerrone, John Morris, Bennett Yellin, Bobby and Peter Farrelly
Cast: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Rob Riggle, Kathleen Turner, Rachel Melvin, Laurie Holden
Studio: Universal

“Dumb and Dumber To” tries to make the best out of its two decade long hiatus. That being said, it works. However, the age and push to draw out the laughs over that time makes everything seem questionable. I love the original film and I think that Daniels & Carrey make for a great comedy team. As the film keeps going, you see the familiar beats. Billy’s aged and he’s got more birds that are soon to die. There are location touchbacks and we eventually slip into similar misunderstandings. Everyone has a good laugh and then the film gets going.

Harry and Lloyd have been missed. But, I can’t say that anyone new to the material will have any reason to feel a connection to the material. At this point, they’re older men who seem borderline retarded and left to cross the country under their own supervision. More than anything, I feel like we’re being asked to accept a lot of the narrative constructs for the jokes to work. The audience has to buy that the titular duo will keep doing the same things over and over again if they are left to their devices. Honestly, it’s a bit of a stretch.

Nostalgia can help a ton along. But, it also requires second views and true understanding to separate the filters of temporal bias. Just because you liked something as a child/teenager, that doesn’t mean it still works. We get fun cameos that I liked better in Zombieland. We get Sea Bass back. We get a funny explanation for the duo’s misunderstanding of the film’s drive. At this point, it’s been nearly two hours and I’m left looking for a joke that didn’t make me want to watch the first film more. “Dumb and Dumber To” is funny enough, but it’s a pale copy of the first movie.


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