Drop Dead Diva: The Complete Series [Review]

Drop Dead Diva: The Complete Series [Review] 3

Drop Dead Diva: The Complete Series brings the cult classic Lifetime TV series to DVD. If you haven’t seen the series, it’s about a dead model resurrected as a plus sized lawyer. Watch as she learns that loving cheese doesn’t mean that you can’t be a legal professional. Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian and Elasti-Girl show up for supporting roles and it’s pretty fun.

Still, it’s a Lifetime series about how fat people can do anything. If you need to have a plus-sized power fantasy forced on you then have at it. Honestly, it’s a paper thin concept that would have stayed too long as a two hour movie. So, have have fun with four or five seasons of it!

Drop Dead Diva is now available!

Drop Dead Diva

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