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Don’t Go

Don’t Go feels like it could have worked better as part of an anthology or an hour long series. Hell, it’s the perfect kind of supernatural fantasy that used to keep Rod Serling rolling in the dollars for ages. For those that haven’t seen anything from the field yet, I’ll break it down.

Stephen Dorff plays a writer who has moved to Ireland for work as a schoolteacher. His wife is working at a new hotel business, but the couple can’t put a certain thing behind them. The couple is still distraught over their daughter’s death.

Every night, Dorff dreams of a beach with a family making sand castles. As time goes on, he sees his daughter and realizes that his slumber can change key events. While he tries to convince his wife of his new ability, she fights the possibility of what could happen.

While the supernatural is pretty strong, Don’t Go is an insanely well-made movie about a couple trying to overcome the worst in life.

You feel for them and want to see some sort of resolution. However, you feel that they will never find the peace they need. I still feel like I need to see it again. I know that sounds odd, but the quieter movies always linger with me.

In an era where Iron Man and Harry Potter Pokemon Zookeeper fight for your attention, it’s easy to forget how to approach these movies. Make the time, people. Make the damn time.

Don’t Go is in theaters now.

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