“Dolores Claiborne” was another one of those movies that I used to watch a ton at my grandparents. It seemed like it was always on Showtime or somehow turning up as a discount VHS tape. For those that are unaware of the film, it’s a King drama adaptation that focuses on a murder mystery. Toss in a surprise incest plot, some mother/daughter strained relations and a few choice performances will produce quite the movie. Plus, it’s one of the better Taylor Hackford films.

For a tight two hours and change, the film plays like a 1990s take on the 1950s serious lady drama. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kathy Bates deliver career making turns while the men are treated as afterthoughts to the plot. They only exist in this world because Dolores and Selena allow for it to happen. Hell, listen to the commentary and pick up on the sly lifts from the work of Sirk and Cukor in the film. Honestly, I wish we had way more people experimenting with Stephen King books in this way.

But, you can always settle for finally getting a real version of It.


  • Commentary


  • 2.40:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track


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    Supplemental Material - 93%
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    Film Score - 91%

The Plot Thus Far

A big-city reporter travels to the small town where her mother has been arrested for the murder of an elderly woman that she works for as a maid.

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