“Doctor Detroit” is when America reached Peak Aykroyd. While the film is unfairly maligned as a box office bomb, it kept America entertained for the 2 1/2 weeks before Return of the Jedi hit theaters. Aykroyd guided the story’s development with several creative pals, but ultimately it was a step too far. Doctor Detroit is the tale of a professor adopting a pimp secret persona to bring high-class whores to Academia. Taking place in this world amalgam of early 80s Detroit and Chicago, the film wants you to believe that James Brown wouldn’t go upside Aykroyd’s cracker ass when he shows up at the Player’s Ball.

I also love the fact that the film ends on the Player’s Ball taking place in the same locale as this academic banquet. Throw in some choice tunes from Lalo Schifrin and DEVO to provide the kind of film experience that makes lazy Baby Boomers poo-poo it on their Podcast 35 years later. Things change and haphazard look-backs shouldn’t be colored by your political fad hang-ups. That being said, anything that Howard Hesseman blesses with his acting can’t be bad.


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The Plot Thus Far

When fast-talking pimp Smooth Walker (Howard Hesseman, WKRP In Cincinnati) finds himself in hot water with Chicago crime boss Mom (Kate Murtagh), he claims that there’s a new player in the game: Doctor Detroit, a cat who’s badder than bad … and completely fictitious. In need of a patsy until the heat dies down, Smooth hits paydirt with mild-mannered professor Clifford Skridlow (Aykroyd) — and promptly skips town, leaving his bevy of sexy “employees” in Clifford’s hapless hands. Charmed by the ladies and spurred by his dedication to chivalry, Clifford agrees to become their protector and ally, transforming himself from a power-walking professor to a heroic hustler … and throwing down the gauntlet to save his college from financial ruin and the four damsels from the wrath of Mom!

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