Sometimes, you really get into a book. I’ve been a fan of Cult Epics for a bit, but then they sent over their Comprehensive Guide to Cult Cinema. It mainly highlights their releases, but they’ve covered a wide gamut of Cult Cinema. Over the last two years, I’ve had a ton of outlets send me film books they are working on. As usual, I get obsessed with the information and I take forever to make my way through them. Given that this was a digital copy that I could take everywhere on my devices…this was no exception.

So, there I was a few days ago showing it off to a film friend. She asked the question I should’ve been asking all along. It’s pretty good, so when are you going to review it. Then, I realized…OH HELL, I should’ve done this closer to the release. That’s the problem when materials hit that fan zone in your brain. You want to obsess over every little detail, even on the films you didn’t enjoy.

It’s a fun look at how an indie imprint stays in business over 25 years. Especially since we’re in an era that has thousands saying physical media is dead, yet sales don’t properly reflect that. The history of Cult Epics is a history of the cult cinema fan. We are the weirdos that hunt down Bettie Page documentaries and will haggle over Franco international cuts. This past weekend has seen quite the event to bring together horror and cult cinema fans.

While watching that Shudder event, I found myself flipping through this book during the slower parts of Basket Case. Things like this are really what it’s all about for film fans. Cult Epics is a work of love for all of those cinema freaks.


  • 256 pages
  • Cult Epics


  • 96%
    Content Score - 96%

The Plot Thus Far

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Cult Epics ― the controversial arthouse, horror and erotica video label ― this commemorative hardcover book covers essential releases from filmmakers such as Tinto Brass, Fernando Arrabal, Radley Metzger, Walerian Borowcyzk, Jean Genet, Abel Ferrara, George Barry, Rene Daalder, Agusti Villaronga, Jorg Buttgereit, Gerald Kargl, Nico B, Irving Klaw, and pinup legend Bettie Page. Includes in-depth reviews of films, interviews, and essays on directors by film critics Nathaniel Thompson, Mark R. Hasan, Michael Den Boer, Ian Jane, Stephen Thrower, Marcus Stiglegger, Heather Drain and others ― fully illustrated in color with rare photos, poster art, and memorabilia.

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