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Community: The Complete Collection (2009-2015)

Community: The Complete Collection finally arrives after many release delays. This is mainly chalked up to the Great 2018 Pressing Plant Shutdown. Everyone’s Criterions, Shouts, Arrows and related discs got so delayed that people thought they were cancelled. They weren’t, however it made site coverage for the last few weeks turn into a nightmare. But, I’m willing to endure that nightmare for one of my favorite TV shows of the last decade. Bold statement, I know.

Greendale Community College manages to hit on the loveable band of losers staple while also keeping it fresh. How many times have we seen a sitcom where a successful Yuppie has to return to college, his roots, etc to find himself? But, the show wisely jumps off Jeff Winger as much as possible. Before there is too much Troy and Abed, we get some Pierce, then we get some Little Annie Adderall and finally Britta. Yvette Nicole Brown gets backgrounded a little too much, but she’s the only sane adult voice in the mix. Somebody has to do it.

There is only one downside to this set. The packaging is so flimsy that you will damage the case getting it out of the shrinkwrap. Hell, that’s if the case isn’t damaged on a store shelf or while being shipped to you. I get the need to stay economic on a cult series. However, if you’re stuffing three thick Blu-ray discs inside of a slipcover…make sure it’s sturdy. Hell, the bottom of one of these has torn since I started this review. UGGGH!

110 Episodes with all the special features from the DVD releases have been ported over to this set. Hell, this might be the first time that some of you are watching the 6th Season outside of the brutally buffering Yahoo Original Content platform. Give it a shot this Holiday season.


Community: The Complete Series is now on Blu-ray from Mill Creek Entertainment

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