Cold Pursuit: Liam Neeson Has Another Story to Tell [4K review]

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Cold Pursuit is the kind of goofy movie that makes winter releases fun. After his son gets killed and his name besmirched in death, Liam Neeson takes to his snow plow. People die, Emmy Rossum shows up and Liam Neeson works on his favorite interview story. Somehow, all of this will end in tears.

Fatherly revenge movies still have their place. Neeson has carved out a niche threatening strange men and redeeming his kids in one way or another. I really dig that Director Hans Petter Moland made his Hollywood debut with Cold Pursuit. He’s got this real Renny Harlin vibe going on and I love it.

The 4K disc is pretty stunning. The transfer is upscaled, but I had to look that up to tell. I know that some of you don’t care if the transfer is upscaled, but I prefer to know if something is true 4K or not. Cold Pursuit does get a killer Atmos track and a ton of special features. On the audio level, it’s well worth turning into reference material for your speaker setup.

Cold Pursuit is now available!

Cold Pursuit


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