1. The scenery is beautiful and almost every animal was real and not computer generated.

2. Natasha was so nice and caring. She also had some great tips in scenes to make them easier

3. We worked the most with Houston the dog (plays Chinook). He is a very lovable dog, but easily distracted by Chipmunks and squirrels!  The first day on the set he ran away for over an hour chasing a squirrel!

4. In some of the different angles in the  bear scene, we had to pretend he was there or chasing us. In Godzilla, I also had to pretend I was seeing certain events happening.

5. Bear Grylls, one of the best survival guys ever!




1)      There has been a long line of kids in danger movies set in the far-flung wilderness. What made this movie different for you?

What made this movie different for me was the fact that almost all of the animals were real and that our dog helps save our lives.

2)      What was like it working with Natasha Henstridge?

It was amazing she is an amazing actress making it very easy to work off of her. She is also so sweet it’s like she really is my mom.

3)       How close did you get with the animal actors? Do you have any favorite memories?

We got about 9 feet from the bear and about 5 feet from the wolves. All of the other animals were very  close to us. My favourite memory would probably be meeting all of the cast members and becoming very close to them. Also a great memory of mine would be watching the bear play basketball with its trainer.

4)      What was it like going from the rough wilderness to a ladylike film ala your upcoming American Girl role in “Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight”

It was very different because only one scene was outside in American girl and almost all of the scenes were outside in against the wild. Therefore they were in two totally different locations

5)      If you happened to be stuck in the wilderness, who would you want to be there with you?

I would want my twin brothers with me because although they are younger than me they would do whatever they could to protect and care for me as I would for them.

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