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Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle [Blu-ray review]

Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle came out rather soon after the release of the first film. Angled to function more as a summer tentpole, Full Throttle had to handle many lingering problems from the first film. The first one being replacing Bill Murray as he didn’t want a damn thing to do with this franchise and certain Angels. The second was mining the parody worthy original material to find a way to flesh out the Angels’ world. While they cooked up a decent crime plot, they felt the need to lean into stunt casting as a way to connect the film series to the classic show. Enter Demi Moore.

Charlie's Angels Full Throttle 1

Demi Moore is developing a knack of working herself back into conversations when she seems to drop off the face of the Earth. Recently, she dropped a tell-all book that slammed everyone from her mother to Ashton Kutcher. During her second career revamp, Moore was much more polite. She angled her cougar style to slip in as an older Angel that Charlie may have mistreated. The ladies bond and eventually realize they’re getting set up. But, how does an Angel beat another Angel?

Also, there’s a half-baked Cape Fear style subplot that gives Drew Barrymore something to do when she thinks Cameron Diaz is prettier than her. Which is crazy. I’ll take the lispy punk chick over the pretty blonde any day of the week. For those that have complaints about objectifying women in a Charlie’s Angels movie, you know where to send them.

Charlie's Angels Full Throttle 5

That being said, the goofiness and actual fun of these movies seems like a by-gone era. Which is crazy because the film came out about 16 years ago. When did things get so nutty that even a Roger Moore lite style spy film had to turn into a sleek over-produced knock-off of the boy toys? While this movie lacked the punch of the first, at least it was its own thing. That’s more than I can say for the most recent offering.

The Blu-ray comes with  all the special features from the old DVD. Plus, you get a new look at the upcoming Charlie’s Angels. While it’s cool to finally have this film in Blu-ray, it annoys me that it took a bit of corporate synergy for it to happen. Take that for what you will.

Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle is available now!

Charlie's Angels Full Throttle outro

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