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Culinary skills and drugs go hand-in-hand.

This is what happens when a quality actor wants to be a Sous Chef.

“Burnt” really makes me believe that Bradley Cooper wanted to be a chef at some point in his life. Cooper plays a lightly drug addled chef who blows his big chance in London. After sentencing himself to shucking one million oysters in New Orleans, Cooper decides to rebuild his dream restaurant with the former London staff. What we get is the most modern low-key mission movie that really, really, really wants you to buy the artifice of this world.

To make it that much worse, you have an amazing cast that really doesn’t do anything. Such was the case with Cooper’s previous stab at culinary heroics in the short-lived FOX TV series “Kitchen Confidential”. I’m not sure if you can call both jaunts as vanity projects. However, the end result is a work that feels like it could’ve been much more. Maybe I’m underestimating the Western World’s love affair with cramming junk in their mouths. It’s just that I don’t see the need for so many trips back to the wheel with the same actor.

But, I also didn’t believe that “Limitless” would become a hit show. Thank you to CBS and aging Americans everywhere for giving every mediocre adaptation another shot at life. The film should be leaving theaters by the time this goes up. So, enjoy it at the dollar houses.


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