“Brigend” is a rather clumsy adaptation of a recent documentary. For those that don’t keep with European documentaries, I’ll give you the best TLDR I can provide. There’s a tiny Welsh village where all the young people keep ending up dead. The current theory is that it’s a prolonged suicide pact, but it’s an assortment of random kids agreeding to go die in the lake. Hannah Murray plays the latest teen to travel to the town and start falling in with the mopiest kids this side of The Smiths.

The rest of the film is a mix of teen angst and spooky small town cliches. Most viewers are going to find the film unbearable, but there’s a charm to the matter. Hannah Murray remains quite the lead, even though we don’t get to hear her charming singing voice. I’m still a “God Help the Girl” fan regardless of what Murray does next. If you’re looking for anything else, this surprisingly thin film won’t wow you. Still, it’s atmospheric and that has to count for something.


Studio: Kimstim Films
Runtime: 1hr 35 mins
Rating: R

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