BLOODSUCKING CINEMA dawns on DVD September 23rd from Anchor Bay Entertainment








Making its Mark on DVD September 23


Burbank, CA – They are the sexy embodiment of immortality. Their literal lust for life rivals the antics of today’s rockstars. The story of the vampire has ravished humanity for thousands of years.  But, in particular, evil, erotic and insatiable, vampires have stalked our dreams – especially with our eyes wide open in a darkened theater. The vampire has been a fixture of the cinematic landscape, from the silent era to today’s CGI blockbusters. What is the continuing fascination?  The Starz Originals documentary Bloodsucking Cinema, which Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing on DVD September 23 at the anemic SRP of $19.97, goes a long way to toward explaining this attraction.


Bloodsucking Cinema dips into the bloody archives to examine the breadth of vampire cinema classics, from the early Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee classic portrayals to contemporary visions including Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Van Helsing, Underworld:  Evolution, Interview with the Vampire, The Lost Boys, Queen of the Damned, BloodRayne and John Carpenter’s Vampires. 



Bloodsucking Cinema features interviews with such vampire “experts” as directors John Carpenter (Vampires), Len Wiseman (Underworld), John Landis (Innocent Blood) and Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys), actors Kristanna Loken (BloodRayne) and Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned), writers Marv Wolfman and David Goyer (Blade), as well as one of the last interviews with Oscar®-winning special effects wizard Stan Winston (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Interview With The Vampire). Critics Leonard Maltin and Harry Knowles also provide insights into the movies’ eternal love affair with the vampire. The documentary is hosted by renowned film critic Richard Roeper.


Cloaked in black, shunning the day, debonair, thirsting for the life source of his victims, the vampire is a symbol of danger and degeneracy.  Bloodsucking Cinema tells how the many versions of his terrifying story made it to film, from Count Dracula rising from his coffin, to beautiful women seducing their victims in the dark. called the documentary “an event in itself – a definitive study of the marks the vampire has left on movie history!”


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