The Best May 2020 Movies On-Demand: What You Need to Watch

Cry for the Bad Man movie poster May 2020

Cry for the Bad Man

Cry for the Bad Man movie poster May 2020

May 2020 offered up a movie that I wanted to see super bad. Cry for the Bad Man returns Camille Keaton to the big screen. While I’m a huge fan of “I Spit On Your Grave”, this movie could’ve done more. I get that keeping the action to mainly one location and limiting the cast forces a focus on the story. But, was it enough story to last for 74 minutes? At times, I wonder why people push for features when short films would work much better.

Still, it’s an underground cinema favorite getting back to doing what she does best. I’d recommend checking it out at least once.

How to Build A Girl movie poster May 2020

How to Build a Girl

How to Build a Girl stars Beanie Feldstein. Fresh off her Film Twitter star making role in Book Smart, she returns for another girl power role in the UK. While she seems to be a far nicer person than Caitlin Moran, I felt that her ability to humanize the Moran stand-in character kinda kicked the legs out from under the movie. But, it’s May 2020 and I’m hard up for theatrical releases.

IFC has been having a killer year, so May 2020 should be no different. Still, there are going to be a few lackluster entries in any line-up. While I didn’t love this one, there is going to be someone out that digs this. Plus, Beanie Feldstein is kinda becoming a personal favorite.

Candy Witch new poster

The Candy Witch

The Candy Witch is a movie about a candy themed witch and the one woman that can bring her down. The good news is that it doesn’t last that long. More than anything, the most enjoyable part of the movie is watching a woman fight against others to prove that there is a real threat out there. Still, I don’t buy The Candy Witch as a threat.

That might seem nitpicky, but it took me out of the movie. That being said, it’s one of the better On-Demand movies in May 2020.

The Best May 2020 Movies On-Demand: What You Need to Watch 5

Into The Dark: Delivered

Into The Dark returns with Delivered. I dig this weird anthology of Holiday themed horror tales. But, they aren’t all good. While we’ve all seen the Red Letter Media video making fun of them, I did enjoy the Valentine episode and the one with Julian Sands. But, sometimes…they’re kinda hokey.

Naturally, May 2020 rolls around and we get one for Mother’s Day. The film is more of the suspense ilk of the early 90s. You feel the terror of the young mother, but it never gets that graphic. Some will dig that, but I was left mildly entertained.

These are the Best May 2020 Movies available On-Demand. You need to watch them. That is all.

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