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AndersonVision’s 4K Christmas Reviews

It’s A Wonderful Life kicks off Christmas 4K coverage.

It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic. While watching this past Holiday season, I realized something. Sure, the 4K restoration is glorious. But, this is a film about Post War America dealing with hardcore depression and PTSD. George Bailey spending the film on a suicidal trip down memory lane is a softcore read.

What the film really is about is Small-Town America dealing with their world growing too large after the one-two whammy of the Great Depression and World War II.

I really hate that the colorized version of It’s A Wonderful Life is included. Paramount owns it, so why not add it? Still, I come for these releases to see bonus features and things that belong on classic releases. Oh well, I still dig 4K releases for deep classics.

Universal Soldier is one of those films that amazes me. Not because it’s good, but because the response it gets among our readership. Why is it that anything with a super soldier automatically raises your interests?

The arthouse nerds shouldn’t be chuckling, as I’m going to spend a few upcoming articles spreading my cheeks on you. But, let’s talk about the 4K UHD that Lionsgate dropped earlier this year. The 2160p transfer is the cleanest I’ve ever seen. Plus, you get all of the special features at 1080p or higher. That’s quality, people.

Rambo (2008) is one of those titles I’ve put off for a bit. I had this planned Rambo retrospective and that fell by the wayside. Much like this beloved franchise. Anyways, you actually get special features in 4K on this disc.

That should not be such a big deal to me, but the Christmas reviews bring out weird things in me. 4K Catalog Titles getting proper format love when recent releases are lucky to get the same boggle my mind. But, here we are…here we are.

Turtle Odyssey is the latest major Shout Factory IMAX style release. I never thought I would dig Russell Crowe narrating sea turtle footage this much. But, damn if I didn’t spend a chunk of Christmas watching these ugly little reptiles swimming to and fro.

Don’t expect to learn a ton in an hour. Just enjoy the interview special feature and dig the clarity in that 2160p transfer. For those with new setups, that 1.78:1 setup will win over any converts to the power of 4K.

All of these 4K titles are now available this Christmas!

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