Aaron Eckhart Goes Rogue in New Revenge Thriller Muzzle

Aaron Eckhart Goes Rogue in New Revenge Thriller Muzzle 17

Blood will spill when the gritty new action flick Muzzle snarls into theaters on September 29.

Starring Aaron Eckhart as a disgraced LAPD canine officer, this intense thriller from director John Stalberg Jr. promises a gripping descent into vengeance and conspiracy.

One Good Boy Goes Bad

Eckhart plays Jake Rosser, a dedicated K-9 handler whose world crumbles when his four-legged partner Ace is killed in a shootout. Blocked from finding the shooters, Rosser takes matters into his own hands.

He partners with Socks, a violent police dog with a sketchy past. Together, they take on a shady criminal network and ruthlessly hunt those responsible for Ace’s death.

With its themes of loyalty and retribution, Muzzle looks to deliver an adrenaline rush for fans of John Wick and Dog. The trailer teases brutal action as Eckhart leaves a bloody path on his roaring rampage of revenge.

Pedigree Team With Bite

Helming Muzzle is John Stalberg Jr., known for tense and darkly comic films like High School and Crypto. He’s assembled a top-notch team including screenwriter Carlyle Eubank (True Detective) and cast members Stephen Lang (Avatar) and Diego Tinoco (On My Block).

As an in-demand character actor, Eckhart brings gravitas and intensity to anchor this gritty tale of a good cop gone off the rails. Given Stalberg’s résumé, viewers can expect plenty of surprising twists before the blood-soaked credits roll.

Aaron Eckhart Goes Rogue in New Revenge Thriller Muzzle 19

A Howling Good Time

Muzzle looks poised to put a fresh spin on the one-man-army genre by letting lethal canines loose to mutilate the bad guys. With its propulsive pace and high stakes, this film should have action fans drooling.

Mark your calendars for September 29, when Muzzle bites into theaters, ready to devour the competition.

This furious flick will have you howling for more blood-spattered doggy mayhem.

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