Director: Scott Frank
Writer: Scott Frank
Cast: Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, Astro, Mark Consuelos
Studio: Universal

“A Walk Among the Tombstones” is a film that seems like it took a decade to hit theaters. Unfortunately, it’s being marketed as an edgier version of “Taken”. I want to kick Luc Besson in the balls for unleashing that tripe on the cinema. Liam Neeson plays Matt Scudder and he’s an ex-cop that’s going through the 12 Steps Program. Those 12 Steps keep returning throughout the film over and over again. If you forget about it, Neeson stops the movie to remind you.

So much of this movie is undone by its awkward editing. Scenes drag on too long and too many characters get introduced in double crosses that don’t make sense. Also, are the main villains meant to be homosexual? It feels strongly insinuated, plus it makes the boob slicing scene play that much weirder. But, a woman gets a tit lobbed off. I don’t know what that scene was necessary, as it feels unearned in relation to the kidnapping plot.

I don’t know exactly when Liam Neeson started taking on bad roles, but this is another one of those movies where I don’t believe it started off bad. Somewhere along the line, the novel adaptation started to go south and everything went grimdark. The kid sidekick has Sickle Cell, tits are getting cut off and the DEA is double crossing everyone. Plus, all of the murders just feel like they happen to get people offscreen. I love Scott Frank’s work and I’ve been looking for another movie as strong as “The Lookout”. This is not that movie. Not by a damn longshot. I hope that the home video release has a longer cut that will help this film to start making sense. But, I’m not going to hold my breath.



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