Jin Kazama witnesses the death of his mother Jun by Tekken in the slums known as Anvil. After finding a Tekken ID he decides to seek out vengeance for his mother’s death.



“Tekken” is about a handsome and rebellious Jin Kazama (Jon Foo) who gets reluctantly drawn into the Iron Fist tournament organised by the mighty Tekken Corp. Jin learnt to fight from his mother Jun (Tamlyn Tomita) who also warns him to stay away from Tekken and the Iron Fist tourney! Of course, one thing leads to another and Jin finds himself in the highly-publicised tournament where he must fight contestants twice his size and having triple his experience. These are heavies like the ‘bionic’ Bryan Fury (Gary Daniels) and Russian contender Sergei Dragonov (Anton Kasabov). No prizes for guessing if Jin would tip the odds.

With fast-paced action, brief dialogues and some dazzling fight sequences, one can easily get taken away by the Tekken action, even if they are ludicrous and downright incredulous. The plot is predictable, even with its twist involving Jin and chief villain Kazuya Mishima (Ian Anthony Dale) and his father Heihachi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa). Indeed, the narrative barely helps to sustain the action sequences – and the fighting scenes get repetitive and stale in the second half of the film.

The fights were pretty entertaining, though I wish they would have shown the actual fighting styles that match with the actual styles stated. In the movie, it states Raven does Ninjitsu and Dragunov does Sambo, Heihachi’s fighting action was way too limited (interrupting Jin’s fight with Yoshimitsu to save Jin and that’s it), and Anna didn’t fight at all in the tournament, she does attack Jin in the darkness with her sister Nina, but it’s very short and hard to see cause they fight in the dark. Also,final fight between Jin and Kazuya was very disappointing – I was very let down by how short and how weak they made Kazuya.

The Blu-Ray comes with a Stunt Stars featurette about the fights in the movie. It’s pretty fun to watch, but then you realize that it is the only special feature on the disc. Sure, “Tekken” didn’t get the chance to set American theaters on fire, but the franchise has a decent fanbase in the States. Don’t we deserve to enjoy our Street Fighter clones with at least a freakin’ commentary? Oh well, it’s a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 07/19/2011

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