SOMETHING FOR THE KIDDOS: The Emoji Movie Coloring Pages, Pumpkin Carving Templates and a possible contest

AndersonVision has been retooling contest focus ever since we started. While the typical favorites will still get highlighted, I’m making an effort to keep an exclusive focus on the kiddos. We have a ton of young parents reading the site and I want them to know about some fun things we have to promote The Emoji Movie.

Include in the PDF below is a collection of coloring pages and Pumpkin Carving Templates for you to print off. We used to do this a ton with Disney and Nick, so we figured why not bring it back?

Click here to download the PDF: EMOJI_MOVIE_ACTIVITY_SHEETS_UPDATE_X1a

While there is an immense grand prize package being planned for The Emoji Movie contest, I want you guys to hit me up on social media, BDR and other haunts to give me contest ideas. All of my ideas are too gross for children, so I need some adult help. Get to it.


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