“Goldstone” starts off a missing persons case. From there, it quickly turns into a criminal exploration of human trafficking and exploitation of the Aboriginal lands. The material has been done since Peter Weir was a young man. However, I like the approach of blending Western crime theatrics into a serious understanding of the Australian outback. It won’t be for everyone, but it has my favorite Jacki Weaver performance in ages. Pick it up if that sounds appealing.

David Gulpilil also shows up in the movie. He’s the Aboriginal guy from Crocodile Dundee that looks like has barely aged a day.


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The Plot Thus Far

Indigenous Detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen, Mystery Road) arrives in the frontier town of Goldstone on a missing persons inquiry. What seems like a simple investigation opens a web of crime, corruption, trampling of indigenous people’s land rights, and human trafficking. Jay must pull his life together and bury his differences with young local cop Josh (Alex Russell, SWAT), so together they can bring justice to Goldstone. Also starring 2-time Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook) as the corrupt mayor, David Wenham (Lord of the Rings) as the greedy mine director, David Gulpilil (Crocodile Dundee) as the indigenous man who can’t be bought, and Cheng Pei-Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) as the unscrupulous madam.

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