“Friday Night Lights” was a series that I didn’t start watching until it was almost off the air. Why’s that? Was I late too the boat? Nope. I remain a huge fan of the source material. It’s just that there’s only so many giant Connie Britton giant wine glasses and annoying fanbase members I can stomach. As I spent time going back through the five seasons of the show, I started to wonder when fans felt comfortable turning into douchebags about the show? It’s not like you had faux intellectual douchebags flexing their mouth muscles over stuff like this in the 80s and 90s.

What it feels like to me is that this was a hard-lining of High School football into a soap opera format. This allowed the many stay-at-home online social butterflies to find ways to take back something they didn’t get to have during their High School years. Following plays didn’t matter as much as knowing who wanted to bang whom. As much as it was female friendly, it was very nerd friendly. This allowed nerds to reclaim something they weren’t ever allowed.

While I appreciate that this show made football understandable to new audience, I just hate what its fanbase did with the material. Why can’t a heartfelt story about small-town football be about interpersonal dynamics? For all of the garbage that Rick & Morty fans catch recently, there has not been enough talk about the shitty underpinnings of hardcore Friday Night Lights fans. But, I guess that’s because nobody likes talking to them.

Shots fired, nerds.


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The Plot Thus Far

Coach Eric Taylor is the newest hire at a small town high school in Dillon, Texas. After a series of events leading to his release, Taylor is forced to build a football team from the ground up at the rival high school. His wife Tami, high school principal, faces scrutiny of her own as she takes constant blame from angry parents. But even through the hardships at work, challenges at home with teen daughter Julie, and endless drama, only one thing matters: Friday night.

Through five extraordinary seasons, the residents of Dillon, Texas, kept viewers captivated with the small-town struggles, victories, and heartbreaks that resonated across America with breathtaking realness, and made Friday Night Lights, a Primetime Emmy® award-winning drama. Relive the spirit of this small town with a big heart: from the pride and pitfalls of high school football to the intimate relationships between lovers, parents and friends.


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