EXTRACT is a comedy about a flower-extract plant owner contending with an avalanche of personal and professional problems such as his potentially unfaithful wife and employees who want to take advantage of him.


  1. Joel Rushes Home
  2. The Garage
  3. Sweatpants
  4. Brian Tells Joel about G.M.
  5. Castration
  6. Just Hanging There
  7. Cindy Newspaper
  8. Joel Meets Cindy
  9. Joel Talks About Extract
  10. Rolodex
  11. Sweatpants Again
  12. Horse Tranquilizer
  13. Brad’s Theme
  14. Joe’s Hangover
  15. Brad on the Phone
  16. Brad’s Story
  17. and more!


George S. Clinton has been working in out of filmdom for the last several years. I first noticed as being more of a versatile composer with 2007’s “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”. Falling back on the crutch of the comedy score, I expected little to nothing with the score for “Extract”. What I heard was something that was inventive and dared to push the limits of fun background musical interludes.

Clinton’s approach is so much of a middle ground that you hear in modern comedy. The boisterous scores of long ago have taken a break, as the slight stings and cues of the 70s return. They are chuckle enhancers, as we hear the nut bust accident at the factory get illuminated. There’s also the slight taint of cruelty to the various scenes of cuckolding, as we feel Joel’s frustration build through the score.

If there’s anything to be gleamed from this soundtrack, other than the brevity of the tracks is the nature and tone of the piece. These are hurried, rushed pieces made from the everyday surroundings of the Extract world. You’re invited in as a casual observer to watch people carry on their lives. The score and film achieve that. What isn’t achieved is the creation of a standout film score. It’s just so passive that it’s barely there.


Final Score:  88% – B


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