“Braveheart” continues Paramount’s streak of making older films look amazing in real 4K. What is considered to be Gibson’s best film shines with a sheen unmatched by many recent releases. Deep blues, deep greens and rich earth tones smatter throughout the presentation. But, what about the film? Unless you’re 12 or younger, I’m going to assume you’ve seen this movie? Scottish guy lands a secret bride. The Western World learns about Prima Nocta during an attempted rape and people die.

This leads to more white-on-white crime, as Scotland and England begin their eternal war of utter disdain. There a lot of quality battle scenes, some forced speeches and a ton of historical liberties taken with the material. Yet, America fell in love with it. I tried watching the film with a European history scholar one time in the 00s. But, all that guy did was argue about how the nobles near Scotland were portrayed.

That irked the living hell out of me, but I went back to yelling Freedom during key scenes like some sort of screwed up Rocky Horror Picture Show. Put it on during the Holidays and watch things get wilder than St. Patrick’s Day at a John Mayer concert. You know what I’m saying.


  • Commentary
  • Trailer
  • Featurettes


  • 2.35:1 2160p transfer
  • Dolby Atmos


  • 100%
    Video - 100%
  • 100%
    Audio - 100%
  • 97%
    Special Features - 97%
  • 99%
    Film Score - 99%

The Plot Thus Far

When his secret bride is executed for assaulting an English soldier who tried to rape her, Sir William Wallace begins a revolt against King Edward I of England.

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