V Australia’s 4320 Sydney Challenge is officially underway!!

The V Australia4320:SYD (Sydney) Challenge is now officially underway!! The winning team will start their tweet-filled adventure on September 9th, 2009 for the ultimate non-stop three day experience down-under, from swimming with sharks to enjoying a beer at the Opera Bar at the Sydney Opera House and, of course, scaling the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s not all shrimps on the ‘barbie’ and ‘coldies’ however as between them the team will need to ‘tweet’ every single minute of the 4,320 minutes they are in Sydney.

You can check out the team’s daily hi-jinks on the Tweet wall here: http://www.4320syd.com/or keep up with them on the 4320:SYD Twitter page: www.twitter.com/4320SYD.

In July V Australia sent three young Aussies to Los Angeles for 4,320 minutes to capture every minute of their experience on a giant ‘tweet-wall’ in real-time which was viewed by thousands of Australians. The fun which included tattoos, botox and spray-tans can be relived at www.4320LA.com.

The 4320:LA team successfully completed the challenge of 4,320 tweets in 72 hours and received their “Round the World” ticket with V Australia and Virgin Atlantic as their prize. Can the American team do it as well?

One of the things that the “4320 SYD” campaign aims to highlight is the accessibility and affordability of Australia as a shorter-break vacation.

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